Chronos eStockCard Free Edition 2.1.5

    Author: Bong
  • License: Freeware
  • OS: WinXP,Windows2000
  • Publisher: Chronos Process Integration Sdn Bhd
  • Homepage:

Chronos eStockCard Free Edition 2.1.5 Description

" Chronos eStockCard Free Edition : Manage inventory accuracy, FIFO, traceability, stock movements, with Email Alert, Barcode, and Screen DIY for Business and Warehouse. .. "

Edit By Ideal Shareware Editor: Chronos eStockCard Free Edition - Chronos e-StockCard comes in a joint of compact version of Warehouse Management System ( WMS ) as well. It assists the storekeepers to Put and Pick their goods in a more efficient and accurate manner. Nevertheless, it is capable in assisting the operator to manage their inventory easily.

Easy to Use
Get started in minutes
Simple yet effective User-Graphic-Interface ( GUI )
Easy and Effective recording goods IN and OUT

Easy to Add Settings " On-the-Fly "
Able to add new settings during transaction Item Code, UOM etc
Pre-built with many common settings
2D / 3D view for Location / Racking design

Increase Profits
Powerful Inventory Analysis reports with 80 / 20 rules incorporated
Increase inventory accuracy and accountability
Maximize space utilization
Improve Shelf-life control " First-In-First-Out " approach
Achieve higher inventory turn.

Increase Operation Efficiency
Get real time inventory info at a glance
Track each items anywhere, anytime
Alert you via email for inventory abnormalities
Get the right Item / Location in seconds
Reserve important items without physical quarantine them
Integrated Barcode system to minimize errors

User Configurable settings to suit your own processes
Screen layout DIY ( Do-it-yourself )
Barcode label format DIY
Easy report customization
Export report data into multiple formats ( Excel, Words, HTML, PDF, Text, RTF etc )
Set multiple Alerts based on needs

More Features
Multi-company identities
Multi-UOM conversion
Stand-Alone version
Concurrent access with Network version
Expandable SQL database
Easy data archive and restore with step-by-step wizards
Easy Import / Export data with step-by-step wizards

For more info, go to http: / / www. estockcard. com

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